Re: the Oct. 11 letter "President wants what's best for US citizens"

I am 76, gay, white, male, non-Christian, a retired teacher, and a native-born US citizen. I'm not sure which US citizens the writer thinks Trump supports. He has backed a continuing erosion of women's right to choose, and made countless derogatory comments about women. His administration is working against inclusion of GLBTQ people in anti-discrimination protection. He stoked Islamophobia with inaccurate statements about Muslim Americans. He told several congresswomen of color, born in the US, to go back to their own countries.

His trade war with China is costing many American farmers their livelihood. His refusal to accept the scientifically proven reality of climate change, and his cutbacks on environmental protection endanger all of us. These are but a few examples of why I can't agree that our presidents wants what's best for us.

Bob Gordon

Northeast side

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