Our president’s abysmal performance as a “spoiler” at the recent G-7 summit struck a new low in international relations, despite the touted photo-ops of him and French President Emmanuel Macron embracing. This of course reflects Trump’s 2016 run for president on a nationalist agenda, mocking international consortia as counter to US interests. Among other atrocities, he once again broadcast his disdain for combating global warming, boycotting the session on Climate Change and bragging that our country controls tremendous wealth in energy resources that he refuses to sacrifice over environmental concerns.

We are slated to host next year’s summit, which Trump plans to hold at his highly profitable resort in Doral, Florida.

I strongly urge the five European nations and Canada to boycott next year’s meeting en mass and hold a G-6 summit elsewhere, barring our country from attending under our current president’s leadership.

John Newport, PhD

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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