Re: the June 3 letter "Trump is more of a stable genius."

Is this letter put on? Someone put you up to this!

Of course Trump is a ‘genius’, he’s outwitted every anti-Trumpster in Washington, and we hear about it daily. The transparency you claim he lacks forms the very basis of everything we know about him. You do see this don’t you?

Presidents are elected in large part because of their talents of manipulation and promotion. We’re lucky ‘Making America Great Again’ is one of his personal interests. Watch him, he teaches as he goes along.

You don’t read like your are a genius, so where did you get the idea that they don’t brag or promote themselves? I worked all my adult life in an environment infested with geniuses, and those so identified exhibited the same behavioral idiosyncrasies, often in the extreme, as the rest of us ‘normal’ personalities.

Geoffrey Fox

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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