The AZ Star could not wait to place a "Breaking News" banner on its online site reflecting a newly released government report "Separated migrant children suffered trauma, serious mental health problems" in detention centers. The report only cursory touches on any trauma or health problems the children incurred from being hauled over 2,000 miles by their parents, or who sent them unaccompanied, from Central America. Walking for days, some through the scorching desert, without adequate food, water, bathing, and toiletry items. NO criticisms in the report of the parents, who committed child endangerment, selfishly using their children as "passports to the American dream", knowing the children would be released quickly and in turn them. Let us remember the separation of families and photos of children in "cages" started under Obama-Biden, which resulted in the infamous 20 day detention limit court ruling. These detention facilities have been overwhelmed by thousands of Central Americans flooding here. That has mostly ended now due to President Trump's agreements with Mexico and Guatemala.

David Burford, retired ICE Snr. Special Agent

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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