Re: the July 6 article "Why American conservatism has quietly collapsed."

I adamantly disagree with Mr. Zakaria's article on the basis of simple logic. He celebrates a welfare state that is unsustainable, and can potentially destroy this country. Meteoric rises in economies have historically led to economic ruin, Nazi Germany and Japan are two examples. If one cannot afford welfare programs, then responsible leaders will not propose them. Welfare programs make us less self-reliant and free. I am tired of journalists citing Ronald Reagan as an example of a conservative, because during his administration the federal deficit first began to skyrocket out of control. He was a great orator, but so was Hitler. Despite his speeches, he was not a conservative. A true conservative wants slow, responsible growth and its citizens to be self-sufficient. Only then, can a person rise to their potential.

Victor Panizzon

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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