In our latest installment of the wildly popular reality series "Gaslighting," our prevaricating protagonist demonstrates how he couldn't possibly be guilty of obstructing justice by..... get this..... obstructing justice! The protagonist, who lies publicly on a daily basis with no compunction, has been wildly successful at convincing a large number of people that investigating the pattern of wrongdoing undertaken in full public view is in itself, the actual crime. Personally, l detest reality shows and obviously don't understand why "Gaslighting" is so popular and effective. It's ludicrous to think that the process of holding someone accountable for improper and abhorrent public behavior would be so vehemently opposed by attempts to discredit and delegitimize investigators. An analogy is a documented pedophile complaining that investigation into repeated improper contact/conduct with children is a crime, while insisting that he has the absolute right to conduct bad behavior regardless of the appearance of impropriety. Why prevent others from seeing the data that should exonerate him? Why continue to lie about it? Gaslighting indeed!

David Brown


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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