Editorialist, Cal Thomas, wrote about the need for God in America as a solution to the recent violence and shootings. That somehow in the past when people remembered God all was well. Actually all was well for white males. This God Thomas references allowed white Christians to slaughter Native Americans. This God allowed white believers to enslave black people in this country and subject them to cruel treatment. This God justified white males declaring women were inferior and not intelligent enough to vote in this country. Japanese citizens were herded into interment camps by people who followed this God. The God all these people remembered does not seem the God of scripture. The God who spoke through prophetic voices chastising people for the treatment of strangers and aliens in their land. The God Christ remembered when he asked where we saw people hungry, or thirsty or in prison and did nothing. I hope this is the God we will remember but may wish to forget.

John Kautz


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