Re: the June 11 letter "Left-wing attack on Trump presidency."

The writer states that Donald Trump "has been targeted for character assassination since he was elected. What the writer left out were the words "well-deserved." This guy Trump has no character. He is a proven life long grifter, ala Trump University, a history of stiffing his contractors, losses of many millions in failed business ventures, a history of stiffing American banks to the point where the only folks who would lend him money were money launderers of the ilk of Deutsche Bank and the Russians.

He is also a proven draft dodger.

How one can fail to take these FACTS into consideration when evaluating the man's character (or clear lack therof) is beyond the pale.

However flawed the Dems are, they are clearly far more sane than those who support this President.

Don Thompson


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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