We all know who Donald Trump was, is and forever will be: a pathologically dishonest, malicious, corrupt, unethical and narcissistic man. He can no longer surprise or shock us with his shameless desecration of the presidency.

What does remain shocking is how congressional Republicans have rolled over, circled the wagons and refused to disown Trump and denounce his corrupt behavior.

Peter Wehner, a conservative who served in the last three Republican administrations, offers this explanation: These senators and representatives have defended Trump and “let too much go by to try to assert moral high ground now.”* In other words, these previously decent people (I would like to believe) have been taken over by Trump and to condemn him means condemning themselves.

Our former Republican senator Jeff Flake wrote to his erstwhile colleagues on Sept. 30: "Trust me when I say that you can go elsewhere for a job. But you cannot go elsewhere for a soul.”** Martha McSally, are you listening?

Peter Bourque


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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