Re: the July 13 article "No vendetta vs. Trump, says agent; Republicans fume."

Watching the shameful conduct of Congressional Republicans in an 11-hour personal take down of FBI Agent Peter Strzok begs the question, what was their real aim beyond attempting to show a late night text between Strzok and his FBI girlfriend demonstrated bias against then candidate Trump that corrupts and should negate the entire FBI investigation?

Never mind that Strzok was aware of the link between Trump's campaign and Russia interference in the election through an ongoing FBI investigation and held that information without leaking for over six months, up to and beyond the election. To the Congressional Republicans this was an opportunity for pure politics. Truth be damned. Conflate a personal opinion shared privately into an attack on the entire institution, the FBI itself.

And then the real aim... to discredit and take down the Mueller investigation itself. And all for what gain? To keep Trump in the White House and the Republican majority in power. The real danger lies within. Agent Strzok was right: we must stop them.

Paul Simon

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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