Apparently the Republicans can and will refuse to hold a hearing for a legitimate nominee because the president is not a member of their political party. The Republicans were willing to permit the Supreme Court to operate with eight justices for an extended period of time. Apparently time was not an issue in the selection of a Supreme Court justice.

Why can’t the FBI be asked to conduct another background check due to information that has been brought forward? There is precedence for this (remember Anita Hill). Why must the confirmation occur before the next election? There is precedence for this (remember the 2016 election). What has changed between now and then and what is so important about this rush to select the next justice?

One last thought: if Mr. Kavanaugh truly wants to clear his name of the accusation, he should be insisting on another FBI investigation.

Craig Whaley

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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