In answer to retired CongressmanJohn D. Dingell's recent opinion in The Atlantic to abolish the U.S. Senate, I believe there is a better solution that is less radical, and more practical. First, reassign the number of senators as follows: The 10 most populous states get three senators each, the next 30 states remain at two, and finally the 10 least-populous get one. This keeps the total at 100 while adjusting for population.

The largest states are still underrepresented. (approximately 5 million per senator). The middle tier (2 million per), and the least populated (1 million per). This also allows for redistribution as population density changes from state to state. Each category now constitutes some states leaning toward each party, so it might be politically palatable.

Morton Cederbaum

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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