The essence of Medicare For All and the Green New Deal is that they are not new spending. We are already spending as much, and more, on activities that pay off less well and provide lower service. Medicare is not free insurance. Insureds earn some coverage from prior taxes when working and pay for the rest on a monthly premium basis. Premiums vary with age and location. Medicaid is already available at no cost to any indigent with their papers in order. What Medicare For All does is let many now insured by for-profit insurers, move, at their own option, to the CMMS system and pay premiums there instead. CMMS is essentially solvent on tax revenues and premiums, although taxes must be increased in accordance with wage level inflation to capture the necessary amount of cash to stay that way. Meanwhile, it has the highest ratio of output into actual services. As for green infrastructure - we must build something anyway!

David P. Vernon


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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