Finding a scapegoat

I think the President and the voiceless Republicans in Washington should be ashamed about “scapegoating” a marginalized group in society. Pointing fingers at a particular group in society for the ills of society instead of trying to be the solution to the problem is an outrage and a copout.

N.A.M.I (National Alliance on Mental Illness) has been trying to remove the stigma by trying to help in supporting the community. Fundraising Walks are sponsored every April to make their cause known and information available. Steps forward have gone back 10 steps.

Congress should be called back into session and the Speaker of the Senate should be shamed to pass some adequate gun legislation. Put your money where your mouths are.

No more blaming!

Let’s DO something! Everyone should call Congress and effect some real change.

Paula Palotay


Paula Palotay

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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