What do Wilbur Ross US Secretary of Commerce and Nick Lyon Michigan State Health Director have in common? Nick Lyons decided scientists investigating the Flint MI water issue were not agreeing with the State’s approach to covering up the extent of the crisis. He decided that it was best approach to protect the careers of the elected state officials by denying scientists access to the information they needed to determine the root cause. Wilbur Ross decided that NOAA scientists stating that Alabama was not in the path of Hurricane Dorian, would refute Trump’s claim of Alabama being in the path. With that he ordered the issuance of a false claim that early NOAA forecasts did include Alabama.

So now I get it. It is OK to refute scientific reality and to replace it with politically expedient false statements (fake news?). So using this political logic explains why global warming is really not an issue. So much for science vs. political expediency.

Frank Flasch, retired professional engineer


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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