How dare a White House staffer and presidential mouthpiece say Sen. McCain's opinion on torture don't matter because "he is dying any way." Asking for a public apology from this hateful and despicable White House will never happen as those very words could have easily come from the president's mouth. Where is the public outrage from our governor or Rep. Martha McSally? Sen. Flake's only commentary is "There are no words." Seriously, that is all there is.

Sen. McCain's former campaign manager and Joe Biden addressed the despicable attitudes and lack of moral authority emanating from this white house. We need some Republicans to quit parsing their words and show some courage as they seem more concerned about a leak than the despicable words directed against Sen. McCain. He is clearly a much better person than the president and his silent supporters will ever be

James Robinett

Southwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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