Someone please explain to me what is wrong with this picture: 1) We have an admission by Trump boasting about his sexual assault exploits; 2) Roy Moore faces significant allegations of sexual abuse and predatory behavior; and 3) The rash of elected politicians who are being asked to resign.

We place trust in our elected officials that they will follow rule of law, and also stand as an example of good ethics and moral fortitude. So, if Moore makes it to the Senate is the GOP leadership going to ask him to resign? What are we teaching our children/young adults? We are setting a precedent by continued support of Trump and other legislators as acceptance of sexual abuse. Bringing up Bill Clinton is used to justify the current storm of sexual abuse. Blaming others in the past does not protect one from these allegations. Moore hiding behind religion and God only degrades the sanctity of our spiritual beliefs.

Linda Dennis

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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