After watching the president’s inability to admit an error he made claiming Alabama was in danger of being damaged by hurricane Dorian, can there be any doubt at all about this clown’s mental fitness for any office? Why can he not admit a mistake? What kind of leader would spend time doubling and tripling down to defend this? Trump, with the usual angry expression, holding up the altered hurricane path map was like a skit from Saturday Night Live. And people criticize Joe Biden for his gaffes?? Seriously? A bigger national embarrassment than Donald Trump could not exist. Think of this behavior and inability to admit error applied to matters of national security, foreign relations, economic decisions, or just about anything requiring intelligence, sophistication and the humility to admit when one is wrong. He proves that he is unfit to serve on a daily basis.

Deb Klumpp

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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