Re: the Jan. 8 guest column "America's message to the world should be hope, never a wall."

Every nation has the right to protect and secure its borders and determine who it allows into its territory. It's amazing to me that our politicians had no problems squandering literally trillions of dollars fighting illegal proxy and open wars in the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, Libya, Georgia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere, but do not wish to spend $5 billion to protect our nation's territorial integrity. Now, government funding is being held hostage on both sides of the political aisle due to very strong willed and fickle personalities.

The proposed wall does not mean America does not welcome immigrants who respect our laws and enter this nation legally. The key point here is to create a deterrent that will at least reduce the traffic of illegal immigrants and even spare their lives from crossing treacherous desert regions in our border. Our nation is in crisis with illegal immigration. We need to do something to reduce it.

Michael Pravica


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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