President Trump is telling us that the 25 percent tariffs imposed on Chinese goods will be paid (as punishment) by China. This is simply another of Trump's over ten thousand lies. The tariffs will be totally paid by the American consumers.

A washing machine priced at $400 will now be approximately $500. You will pay the increased cost. If the American automakers of the 1970s is any historic reference, American washing machine producers, like Whirlpool, will raise their prices, and still remain competitive.

The, admittedly cynical, downside is, when, or if, the tariffs are removed, the price of the product will not come down. The price will remain at, essentially the same elevated price, because we have adapted to it.

China needed to be reined in on their trade inequities, Trump simply treats it like one of his disastrous casino deals.

Eric Maurer

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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