The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, supported by Rep. Martha McSally, have made a big difference for our family here in Tucson. My husband and his parents own their own financial services business and although it has only been a short time since the new tax law was passed, we are seeing a positive impact. Not only are their taxes going down, now they are also able to reduce the fees for their clients. This has helped them thrive, serve more clients and continue doing what they love.

My husband and I have also seen an increase in both of our paychecks, which has helped our family tremendously. Because we have more money to spend on eating out, self-care and other budget items, we are giving money to other businesses and helping them thrive as well. These bigger paychecks due to the tax cuts have been a blessing for our family, and we are excited to have more money to continue helping businesses in Tucson.

Hillary Benitez

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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