As we are all aware, next year is the presidential election. As we transition into a new leader, we all hope to see positive change. We want someone who knows what to do and who will do the right thing. This of course incudes policymaking. One of the policies I would like to see get bolstered is the Global Fund, a partnership for fighting AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Since the year 2002, it has helped save 27 million lives! However, without aid from the United States, which provides one-third of the financial resources for this, the story of those 27 million lives may have ended in a tragically different way. I am asking our representatives, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Senator Martha McSally and Representative Tom O’Halleran, as well as the president, to help save lives by voting in favor of and leading in funding the Global Fund. Together we can make a difference in the world and make lives lost to these senseless diseases a story from the past.

Rebeka Larcher

Graham County

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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