Leonard Pitts is correct. “Core American Values”: our country is “big enough for many different kinds of people many different ways of life”… to “live and let live”… welcoming the stranger… is simply what you do as a human being”.

Well if the left/progressives, represented by Mr. Pitts, by his own admission, believed in those American values then we would be OK.

But it’s the left / progressives that are censuring voices from the right. I don’t see campus republican or libertarian groups protesting speakers. So is the left afraid to let our “vulnerable” college kids hear Milo, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, or Douglas Murray? What about all the disinvited social observers who have been protested against or disinvited to speak like Jason Riley (?), Condoleezza Rice (!), and even unbelievably … Ayan Hirsi…. AYAN HIRSI? I mean really. Who is next? Candace Owens?

What I see is the left shutting down all speech (and letters) that are contrary to the progressive rules.

Dinah Shumway


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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