Now we have an outright betrayal of our own friends the Kurds who have been steady in the fight with Americans to get rid of Isus. The added stink from this administration is now getting worse by the day. Crooks liars and incompetence is the only thing we can assure that will keep going with this game of mobsters. The swamp is in the white house and all cabinet depts. and needs a total house cleaning. Our senator is one who needs to go because of support of this gang of thieves and liars. THE SOONER THE BETTER ! Gutless Republicans can rid them selves of this stink and criminality by voting to toss him out of office and deny him any further right to hold office in the United States.

As we speak of this mess the Kurdish friends are being killed by US weapons that Turkey has . As Rielly used to say


Donald Shelton

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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