To: Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake

Dear Senators:

I am a Canadian who had a love affair with Arizona, and the USA in general; however it has soured over the last five years, and has now died with the recent massacre in Las Vegas. Our family of six has spent time and money in Arizona on holidays in the past, but no more. We do not want to be shot by a deranged man who has bought an automatic weapon. We do not want to travel in a country that supports selling these weapons to individuals with intent to massacre. Canadians are very aware of attempts in Congress to control the manufacture and sale of automatic weapons. We are aware that certain Senators vote against gun control. We ask that you please picture your children in that concert crowd in Vegas; and next time vote appropriately.

Ken Redl

Courtenay, British Columbia

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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