Well, here we go again. One more Republican gun owner misinterpreting an issue. Us "Lib-Tards" do not..I REPEAT! Do NOT wish to take away all your guns. Your rifles for target shooting, your shotguns for hunting, and your handguns for personal protection are all safe. All we ask is that they are registered, insured, and kept safely in your own homes. What isn't safe are those of you who own any type of assault weapons, (i.e. Ak47's, Ar15's)!! There is no one, outside of the Armed Forces (read ARMED!) who needs one of these weapons. These assault rifles were invented for one reason. Killing as many enemy as you can in the shortest time possible. So, once again, barring any Junior High School jokes about owning big guns, Just give them up. The angels of those taken from us at the hands of assault weapon tragedies will thank you.

Robert Ulsrud

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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