I wonder about “today’s Conservatives” who still esteem Trump/Pence. What am I not getting? Not understanding?

How many of today’s Conservatives want a society where citizens walk around town carrying loaded guns and/or assault rifles; believe Confederate soldiers were honorable, public Confederacy-honoring monuments are acceptable, and slavery/Jim Crow might not have been all that bad; act and vote as though they defend white supremacy; see the despoiling of God’s creation as not that big of deal?

Why are today’s Conservatives trying to dilute everything from Brown vs. Board of Education to Ecology-related regulations?

I’m tempted to conclude that today’s Conservatism has been taken over by dubious values, ill-considered worldviews, and dangerous behaviors. Yes, Trump is uniquely vile in his presentation of these views, but it sure seems like his supporters agree with and even love him for it. Surely there are Americans who cherish greater wisdom and integrity than this.

Ron Rude

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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