Republicans need to wake up from the Trump induced fog if they want their party to survive! Democratic German American President Trump has done every possible thing to destroy the GOP. Trump was like court jester in the song “American Pie,” except he stole the queen’s (Hillary’s) crown.

The democrats fielded two presidential candidates in the 2016 election, Trump was assumed the weaker of the two. He bullying his way to the top with the help of the media. He played the game according to the rules of the Electoral College, regardless of the popular vote. People are upset with Electoral College and want it changed. It would be like changing the the three point rule after you lost the game, because your team scored more two pointers!

Finally, when Trump becomes the party’s standard bearer as a Democrat will he still be a racist, misogynist and amoral?

Frank Saenz

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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