We now have what is, in effect, a one person government at the Federal level. President Trump is permitted to function as an autocrat. He and previous presidents have been acquiring more power since congress allows this to happen by abdicating much of their Constitutional role as an equal branch of government.

The result is that Trump's presidency has become the power of one individual over the importance of our country's values, morals and even laws. Trump, who is known to be a liar among other disreputable things, commands near total obedience from his supporters. There is virtually nothing that he has done which they find objectionable; not even his cruelty. Something is upside down when his rally crowds cheer as this five deferments draft dodger ridicules John McCain, a true war hero. How in the United States Of America can this be happening ?

Now that the redacted Mueller report has been released, will Congress get a backbone and if they do, will it be made of iron or jello ?

Helen Murphy

Sierra Vista

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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