The Constitution provides only one means to curb an autocratic President. Twice Houses have impeached Presidents and failed to win conviction in the Senate. One President, assured of conviction, resigned before the House could actually impeach him. Another died before the hearings started, but the 1924 law allowing Congress to inspect the tax return of any federal officer was the result. The President who started the Mexican War deserved impeachment, but was seen then, and still, as some kind of hero. The man on the 20, Andrew Jackson, committed more than half a dozen impeachable offenses, but his Party controlled the House, so the only punishment he got was Censure by the Senate. The current President has committed at least eight offenses each equal to or worse than those of the two impeached. He is manifestly publicly guilty. His Party does not control the House. If this guy is not impeached we might as well discard the Constitution. Just read the Constitution and the public record. The case is obvious.

David P. Vernon


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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