I know that Sen. McSally, Rep. O’Halleran and Sen. Sinema have heard of insider- trading that cheats the system to get rich.

I think they also know that Trump has to be making his friends and family rich by letting them know beforehand, each time he proclaims some news about China and the trade war. One day he tweets that China is refusing to talk about trade war issues. Then days later he proclaims they're coming back to the table and things look promising.

Every time he does that the stock market reacts accordingly—making huge swings. It is so easy for Trump to alert his people prior so they can buy/sell accordingly. Each time they buy low and sell high they make huge profits.

I think we would be very naive to think Trump wouldn't stoop so low.

I know he loves feeling his power when the market reacts to things he says, accurate or not. My elected officials must watch him!

Duane Richards


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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