It is past time to stop the madness. Trump must be tossed out of office immediately—pried out like the diseased tooth that he is!

People are dying because of Trump. Children are dying in concentration camps in Texas. Pregnant women are dying in Mexico because border patrol illegally ships them back across the border. Families are dying, hoping for a better life, killed by the gangs preying on them while they wait, wait, wait in Mexico.

Now the Kurds, who fought so valiantly against Isis while the rest of the world sat on their hands, are going to be killed because Trump has an obligation to Putin!

The man is crazy, crazy with power, crazy with money grabbing glee. Because Republicans in Congress won't touch him!

Congress must stand up for their oaths to the Constitution and get rid of this criminal administration. All of them must go. It's time to clean house.

Irbie Wylie

Graham County

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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