This for all the supporters of "THE DONALD". Maybe talk of a Noble Prize is premature. Maybe "climate change" is not fake news. Maybe his adviser, John Bolton, is still searching for weapons of mass destruction that haven't been found. What the hell, Iraq was just a minor problem .

He finally gets a qualified individual to head something and she hides her feelings on waterboarding. I love the mothers who tell the stories of their sons' experiences during their training. What mom doesn't know is that their little boys knew that it was training and no one was going to kill them. Their boy, Donald, has no concept of truth. He can't even say how long Rudy has worked for him. I am starting to wonder if he wrote the medical report on his "bone spurs". Money can buy a lot of ability to write reports Think about November.

Kurt Ohlrich

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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