Trumpism isn’t racism. It’s the fundamental belief that the worth of an individual is defined by his/her financial success. The rich are winners and the poor are losers. Ethnicity, race and religion are irrelevant if you’re rich. S-hole countries aren’t labeled that because they’re black or brown, but because they’re poor. The role of government is therefore to use any and all means necessary to increase personal and national wealth. The status and success of a leader is defined by his/her ability to accomplish this. All other concerns (environmental, health, education, immigration, social programs) are simply a drag on achieving the primary goal. A successful foreign policy (America first) is simply one which makes us money. The “best people” you hire don’t need to be qualified, or knowledgeable, they just need to be rich. Otherwise, they’d be losers.

Ron Andrea


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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