So our President thinks that Haiti, Central America and Africa are "s*holel" Countries. Unprofessional, racist, ignorant, and, of course, wrong. Africa is a continent, not a Country, but even if all were as he says, their status would result significantly from our actions over the centuries.

Haiti, the second Democratic Country in this Hemisphere, was saddled with unbearable reparations to France, with our support, after its successful revolution against another great European power. It has never recovered. Africa was crippled by our robbing it of its young men and women for centuries to be used as slaves for Americans. Central America, also not a Country, was robbed of its native independence by our more than thirty invasions, starting in 1894, frequently in support of American Companies.

He says he would prefer immigrants from Norway. Naturally a "white" Country.

It's time to rid ourselves of this President and "Make America Great Again.

Harry Peck


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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