Thanks for Sonia Perez's "Violence, poverty reign in city where Honduran caravans form" (5/14/19). From my visits to Honduras in recent years, I can attest to the violence she describes and know that it is a part of nation-wide violence in Honduras. What she does not address is the role of the Honduran government in that violence and the US responsibly in the establishment of the regime. This government, an outgrown of the military coup on 2009 that violently removed a democratically elected president who was attempting to better the position of campesinos and the poor, is a government of the rich and corporate elite. We need to remember to our shame, that the US was the only government in the world that recognized that coup as legitimate. Subsequent bogus elections have persuaded some, but not all other nations to recognize this government. As an international observer for one of those elections, I have direct knowledge of the fraud employed. We bear real responsibility for these caravans.

Lois Martin

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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