As Trump continues to amaze us with his outrageous antics, tweets, seemingly bottomless ignorance of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and general decorum. Maybe it’s just sleight of hand, "’keep your eye on the silliness while we trick you out of something." Attempting to break down every advancement America has made and send us back to the era of Wisconsin Republican Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy’s 1950s, one of rampant pollution, politically and environmentally.

Once, my Republican Congress had guts to stand up to presidents, but now it seems they cower in the corner, afraid to contradict him. Or willing to accept the crazy to get some of what they want. know, I know, “shut up, get busy and pay your taxes, because now you have another 2 TRILLION added to your tax load”. And do not look to the top 1–2% to help with it either.

Walter Rhudy

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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