Re: the Jan. 6 letter to the editor "Stand with our president."

I’d take a knee with Colin Kaepernick long before I would ever stand with Donald Trump. The letter writer says we should stand with the president on his promise to build a border wall. What happened to trumps other promises that he made?

“Drain the Swamp:” Several presidential cabinet members forced to resign over numerous ethics violations. Others are still under investigation. “Solve the opioid epidemic:” Not one pharmaceutical executive has been charged with any crime. “Best health insurance ever:" Nothing but junk policies.

“Rebuild nations' infrastructure:“ Tried selling infrastructure out to Wall Street, Our dysfunctional Republican congress was too busy trying to destroy and destabilize health care to get involved with selling out property of U.S. citizens. Swore to "defend LGBTQ," then quickly sold them out and threw them to the lions.

Trump's inauguration speech spoke of single mothers in inner-cities living in turmoil, poverty, drug addiction and crime. Yet he has not promoted any increase in social programs, but has reduced the budgets from programs that help lift people out of poverty.

Larry Robinson

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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