Every day there are Letters to the Editor from Americans calling other Americans derogatory names because they happen to have different opinions than they do, and then they have the nerve to try and demean us because of it. We wonder why they so willingly and strongly support a political party that works harder for those breaking our laws than they do for us.

We wonder why they don’t support a President who wants the best for its own citizens, that doesn’t like the fact that American taxpayer dollars should freely be given to those illegally penetrating our borders, and who believes in American patriotism and its people first. It’s unfortunate that they are so full of hate, that all they strive for is to bring down this president (and, by doing so, weakening our country abroad as well). Yes, Trump does have his faults, but the fact that he is for U.S. citizens first, to us, speaks loudly!

Rosalie Wright

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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