Watching the Barr hearing while one network broke in at factual errors in an attempt to do due diligence, I was astonished when Barr said "WE have not claimed....Executive Privilege" . More shocking ( egregious in my view) was that NO ONE in the hearing room pursued him on it. My head was bursting at his statement and even more so as the day's coverage went on and not one single commentator mentioned it. I even tried to look up the transcript to be sure I was not hallucinating. It was at the end of an exchange with Durbin but in my opinion he completely disrobed himself in terms of his loyalties and that sentence alone convicts him of behaving as Trumps personal lawyer not the Attorney General of the UNITED STATES ( that's US guys). FINALLY Washington Post Dana Milbank wrote of it this morning. Have we been "normalized" into deafness? Is this not a billboard sized declaration of NON independence?

Nance Crosby

Northeast side

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