Scott Pruitt’s time at the EPA was characterized by wasteful spending and a myriad of ethics scandals, and his departure from the agency is an opportunity for the Trump administration to commit to popular, science-based policies that protect our health and environment.

Pruitt was a close friend to corporations, failed to adhere to existing laws, stacked the agency with industry lobbyists and climate deniers, and rolled back life-saving environmental protections. His ouster is a victory for American families and for clean air, clean water and public health.

Andrew Wheeler, the acting administrator, is more of the same. Arizonans want a clean energy future and proved this when Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona submitted 480,464 signatures to support increasing renewably-sourced energy. The forthcoming nominee should uphold the agency’s mission, empower the EPA's enforcement function, promote environmental justice, and restore scientists' function at the EPA.

Jacob Emnett


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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