Tax cuts aren’t tax cuts. They’re Christmas for corporations and rich folks.

Watch as Republicans now slash programs for the poor and chisel away at Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Say good-bye to educational assistance programs, research grants for health and science. Good-bye arts assistance. Environmental protection funding. And where are those promised public infrastructure projects? Try “Privatized” “Toll Roads,” and increased consumer costs. Management of national parks and public lands? What public lands?

What about funding FEMA and having billions ready for extreme weather events occurring due to climate change, which Republicans conveniently deny? Medical care? Republicans’ answer is skyrocketing premiums to pay for those not covered.

So, how far will our so-called “tax cuts” go when America will be “brought to you by,” and we're paying out-of-pocket for what once were services? Children can pay any debts. Thank the GOP, which hasn’t stood for Grand Old Party since Eisenhower. GOP stands for Greed Over People.

Nancy Jacques

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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