Re: the Feb. 11 article "Bill would sell underenrolled Santa Rita High to Vail district, sets off turf war."

As someone who went to a TUSD school and has lived in Tucson for 20-plus years, I fully understand the desire to help out school districts without space by "giving" them facilities from school districts with space.

However, a larger percentage of Santa Rita HS was paid for by taxes from Tucson and not Vail. Allowing Vail, an area that on average is significantly better off financially than Tucson, to purchase for 10 cents on the dollar does not seem right.

Now, if Vail pays for the facilities at actual value than I see no issues with this plan. TUSD would gain some needed cash for something that is underused, and the Vail district would get an already built, ready to use school. Now that would be an actual win-win.

Miklos Szidarovszky

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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