Re: the July 6 article "Utah teachers take aim, practice responding to school shootings."

Editor, one of the saddest photographs I've ever seen in your newspaper depicts a fifth grade teacher in a training session assuming a squat position and pointing a handgun at an armed intruder. This is our solution to mass murders in our schools? Apparently absurdity has become our new reality. In this new reality, guns with live ammunition and readily accessible for use at moment's notice in our classrooms is a good idea. In this new reality, more guns to combat gun violence is logical. In this new reality, we expect, but don't reject the notion that our children are targets while in school. In this new reality, proactive is a problem - reactive is a solution. In this new reality, duck is also a fowl.

Gavin Kayner

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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