Let’s face it. We know that that the “best” high school graduates are not the only students accepted at our most rigorous colleges, so I offer my college guide to preferential substandard admissions.

(1) Affirmative Action. Be a member of historically excluded groups, specifically racial minorities or women.

(2) Bribery. Be rich, famous, powerful, and needless to say immoral.

(3) SAT exam. Take only the College Board’s revised test which includes a "adversity score” reflecting students’ family income, environment and educational differences.

You are welcome at a prestigious university if you have a vagina, have substantial melanin in your skin, are uneducated, live in poverty or live in wealth. Never mind that you are in over your head academically, you will certainly drop out.

Have we leveled the playing field or dug a hole of mediocrity from which we cannot escape?

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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