In 2017 Prop 204, a $50M/yr for preschool education funded a half-cent increase sales tax was voted down.

Our enlightened progressive local officials are not deterred by this bump in the road. The defeat will turn to victory by expanding it to include all of Pima County. They won’t ask those annoying taxpayers to vote, it will be pilot program, a $5M/yr “investment”. They’ll just take the bucks from say, the pothole pot.

Isn’t the 1965 LBJ Head Start enough? With a 50-yr history helping 20M disadvantaged children, the program has been meticulously studied. The kindest statement that I can make is that Head Start results are unclear.

What will Pima County do differently than Head Start?

If we give our children a “high-quality preschool” experience will the benefit fade when they are forced to enroll in low-quality local public schools?

Will you expand the pilot program before or after concrete results have been achieved?

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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