Today I will talk about what is learned in our schools. I was born a raised in Tucson and throughout my time in our schools heard countless stories about the history of the east coast, memorizing names of colonies, forts, and battles that occurred thousands of miles from my home at places I would never visit. Only until my own research did I learn about how earlier than the East was being settled the land below my feet was. In my research I was fascinated on how many forts, missions and settlements lay in my home town. That Tucson has as much history as the East. However I never learned this in school. Why is our education system neglecting to teach kids about their own home. Is it because the people who settled were not American, or that our culture sees more value in the East's history than our own. Most importantly I believe it hurts our youth by making them feel Tucson has no history.

Alexander Harris


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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