Re: the Dec. 31 article "AZ bill would ban teachers from raising controversial topics in class."

Who gets to decide what is “controversial” political, ideological or religious advocacy? Will science teachers be banned teaching about climate change since Republicans have climate change deniers in their midst? Will civics teachers be forbidden discussions about Parkland students and gun control since it upsets the NRA? Is teaching creationism using the bible as a resource allowed since evangelicals support the President? Will history teachers get to talk about the Civil War since the bill won’t allow the blame of one racial group for “suffering and inequities” of another?

How does protecting students from controversy teach them how to be critical thinkers and to differentiate facts and well-argued opinions from propaganda? Why would anyone want to be a teacher if they to fear Mr. Finchem’s thought police? House Bill 2002 is itself political ideology at its worst.

Dee Maitland


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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