Parents all over Arizona are watching closely as the teachers try to find a compromise with the legislators. If a deal is not reached, teachers will strike, which means schools are shut down. If this happens in Arizona (like it did in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky), parents will be scrambling.

But childcare is not as problematic as the assumption that learning can only happen at school. Parents can play a major role in their child's learning.

If the teachers do go on strike and the schools shut down, I hope parents will take the opportunity to show their children that learning goes beyond the walls of the classroom. Find time to read with your kids. Search the internet to learn more about a topic. Discuss something. Make a project. If this feels intimidating, download this free "Parent Guide to Teacher Strikes" ( Parents can foster a love of learning that will last forever, even if the schools are shut down.

Kelly Smith


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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