I want to help you and your parents meet the dress code without stress in the morning.

It might be helpful if you and a parent went through your closet on a calm Saturday afternoon with a big box and put in it clothes that you don't wear or that no longer fit. Put pants and skirts on your bed with tops that match. Do you have 5 sets for school? Make a list of what you need to shop for, a pair of black Capri pants can go with lots of different tops for instance. Some schools require khaki pants and these can be bought at Target or Walmart .These are useful. Shop at Goodwill! Rich people shop at Goodwill too and it's fun! Have your bras fitted at Alice Rae on Broadway by the wonderful, kind, professional women there. Really. This makes a world of difference. Wear clothes that fit and flatter you and keep writing!

Christina St Germaine

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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